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Message from the CEO 

First Quarter 2017: Calpine on track to meet financial guidance, announces PPA in lieu of building Texas power plant

This year’s first quarter results reflect our ability to meet our financial commitments despite a very mild winter in Texas and the East and above-normal hydroelectric generation in the West.  We are reaffirming our full year guidance range of $1.8 to $1.95 billion of Adjusted EBITDA, given upside in the back half of the year from our retail acquisitions and higher regulatory capacity payments in the East.

During the quarter, we began executing on our deleveraging plan while continuing to make progress on controlling costs and integrating our retail platform. We have completed $233 million of our full year target of $850 million in debt reduction, and we are on track to complete our $2.7 billion of planned debt paydown by the end of 2019.

We also continued our relentless focus on managing our portfolio for long-term value. Specifically, I am pleased to announce three great examples of how our customer-focused efforts helped us find mutually beneficial solutions. First, we have signed a 10-year PPA with Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative to supply 200 MW of power from our existing Texas fleet, replacing our prior agreement to construct a new 418 MW peaking power plant. Secondly, we are announcing the monetization of a legacy development site in Louisiana, where we have entered into a construction and sale agreement with Entergy Louisiana for a natural gas-fired peaking power plant. Finally, we completed the sale of our Osprey Energy Center to Duke Energy Florida.

We also took further action to economically optimize our portfolio by filing to retire four of our natural gas-fired peakers in California at the beginning of 2018 when their contracts expire. The California Independent System Operator has since declared that two of the units are required for reliability, and we are currently negotiating Reliability Must Run contracts that will appropriately compensate us for providing critical reliability to the grid.

Finally, we have been advocating for competitive power markets, including opposing out-of-market nuclear bailouts that are being debated or implemented in multiple states. We fundamentally disagree with adding more subsidies into functioning wholesale markets and are actively challenging them at the state level and in the courts. Regardless of those outcomes, we are optimistic that independent system operators and the new FERC will move through tariff reform to protect the integrity of their markets from state intervention. Competitive wholesale power markets need to provide non-discriminatory forward price signals that result in market-driven solutions that ensure reliable power. Calpine’s clean, modern and flexible fleet is integral to maintaining reliability in each of our wholesale power markets.

Thad Hill, 

President and CEO

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